A piano does not like to be too hot or too cold.

As climate and environment affect a piano, avoid placing pianos where this may be an issue; avoid standing the instrument in a draught and place it away from windows, radiators or other sources of heat.

A constant temperature of between 18°C to 21°C (65°F to 70°F) is ideal.

Simple things can protect your piano from cosmetic wear. For example; avoid placing drinks, vases of flowers or pot plants on your piano as spilled liquids cause serious damage, the repair of which may amount to a major overhaul.

To keep new polyester or satin lacquer finished pianos clean, wipe them with a slightly damp cloth and dry carefully — no polish is needed. Older French polished pianos need polish reviver; apply with a clean soft cloth and then polish with a soft duster and on no account use spray polish.

Any marks on the keys which cannot be removed with a damp cloth should be left for the piano tuner to deal with.

Protect your piano from dust, especially during decorating or building work.

Make sure you have your piano regularly maintained, even consider getting it cleaned out once a year to protect you and your family from allergies.

It is recommended to have your piano tuned at least twice a year.

Brand new pianos and older instruments may require to be tuned more often.

The pitch of a piano will drop if a piano is not tuned on a regular basis this will then have a knock on effect on it’s stability.

Please do not wait for your piano to sound out of tune before giving us a call otherwise a pitch raise may be necessary.

Variations in the piano’s environment will slowly pull it out of tune.

Whether it’s played regularly or not, every piano requires a minimum bi-annual tuning.

A neglected piano will have fallen so far out of tune that it will require a “Pitch Raise” prior to tuning.

A “Pitch Raise” restores the proper string tension so the piano can be fine-tuned.

A piano that has been neglected for more than a couple of years may require several tunings before it becomes stable at the correct pitch.

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